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Discover quality auto parts for your vehicle needs. Our selection ensures reliable and efficient solutions for your automotive requirements.

Auto Recycling & Repair Services Based in Hackensack, New Jersey

If your car needs repairs, let us help. If it doesn’t run, let us get it off your hands. Hackensack Auto Wreckers & Repair in Hackensack, New Jersey, offers auto recycling and repair services.

Scrapped Vehicles

Let us buy your junk car for cash No matter what kind of Shape your car is in, or what make and model, we pay the highest scrap pnces m the metropolitan area.

Used Auto Parts

We have hundreds of used and recycled car parts. If you can’t find. what you are looking for, our online parts locator system tracks thousands of auto parts wholesalers. When you need repairs on your car, our qualified technicians can find the parts you need on-site for less.

Aftermarket Parts

When you want aftermarket parts at competitive prices, come to us first Check out our huge inventory of parts including lenses, minors, bumpers, headlights, and door handles.

New and Used Tires

Fmd the tire you need at the prices you are looking for. New tire prices depend on brand and size. Our used tires have moderate to high tread levels and are available for $20.00 to $30.00 each.

Auto Repair

Our technicians specialize in new and used transmission and motor work. Let us rebuild and install your transmissions quickly and efficiently. If you need brake repairs, oil changes, or light bodywork, we can handle that as well. Look to us for tune-ups on all domestic and foreign models.

Car Parts

Contact us for the parts and repairs you need at reasonable prices.